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NerdMercs is an open community built to provide support for CloudPress and BrambleBox.  Designed as a meritocracy using elements of gamification, our system automatically promotes our best agents, and eliminates agents who do not maintain our highest standards.

Both CloudPress and BrambleBox are designed to be easy to deploy and simple to use without requiring any support.  Yet sometimes you just need a question answered, or find something that doesn’t seem to be working right.  When this happens, the NerdMercs team is there to answer the call!

CloudPress and BrambleBox are also extremely modular and customizable, and you may find yourself needing some help to add that specific feature or integration you need.  The NerdMercs team specializes in custom services and integrations!

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Both CloudPress and BrambleBox are built on a stack of popular open source architectures. If you are already steeped in the technologies and systems we use, then there is an opportunity for you to earn money by joining our community and helping us support CloudPress and BrambleBox! Signing up is free, but you must complete an online exam to demonstrate your skills before you earn the ability to accept contracts and get paid!

NerdMercs also has opportunities for graphics designers and photographers to earn money for their work by contributing their design services to CloudPress and BrambleBox client projects.

NerdMercs is structured on principles of a meritocracy. By consistently producing high quality work delivered on time, your efforts will be recognized and rewarded with early access to new contracts, meaning more payouts for you!

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